Chapter 3: The Origin of O-Ren 

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catherinedemedici made me choose: Ariel or Meg

well, you know how men are. they think “no” means “yes” and “get lost” means “take me, i’m yours.”

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change of art style in Dreamworks movies
(inspired by Kenya’s Disney version)

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DNM Studio Ghibli Gif/Screencap Challenge:


2/4: Umi Matsuzaki (From Up on Poppy Hill).

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Just keep swimming.

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"I’m already happy. I’ve got the coolest friend in the world!"

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If we acknowledge each other’s wills and match our breathing, then without even any added force… he’ll move!

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Studio Ghibli ➞ Villains

"I like being a villain. Villains are more exciting" -Judd Nelson 
for peacefulljake

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E A N   K I R S T E I N ! 
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